Thank you for the amazing tattoo removal treatment. I was nervous at first after hearing so many horror stories, but you talked me through the process and put me at ease.


Laser Tattoo Removal Client

This is my first experience of the eDerma Pen Facial Treatment with LED Light and I can only say that I absolutely loved the experience. I have received numerous compliments on my facial appearance and can't wait for my next treatment.

J. Jenkins

eDerma Pen Client

Dermalight Facial Treatment Review


2 weeks ago I booked in for a "Dermalight" facial treatment with Jane Davies, owner of Dermaskin.


The treatment focuses on skin rejuvenation, using LED light and Ultrasound to encourage cellular rejuvenation. 

I have been treated by Jane over many years, so I knew that I was in good hands and was excited to be having a "not your average facial" !

Jane explained to me in advance what would be happening throughout the treatment and kept me informed from start to finish about what was being used and why and what kind of sensations I should expect.


The first part of the treatment was a glycolic skin peel. Anyone who is new to peels should be aware from the start that it itches! quite a lot! However it is only on the skin for a few minutes and then Jane works with you to ensure that all itching is eliminated. The peel is to activate the removal of thousands of dead skin cells that normally just hang around making the skin look dull, but are not eliminated by normal exfoliation.


The next part of the facial was a blissful combination of Jane using LED light, an Ultrasound wand and massage. The LED light is for skin rejuvenation and the combination of Ultrasound and massage had an instant slimming effect on my face, as lymphatic drainage is boosted, so all those nasty toxins from food, alcohol and stress just drain away, literally before your eyes! The end result of the whole treatment was beautifully rosy glowing skin and a slimmer face that felt alive and radiant again. You can feel your skin actually working again!


For the next 7 / 10 days, you have to be prepared that you will shed the dead skin that the peel vigorously set to work on at the start of the treatment. 


Within 24 hours, I looked about 5 years older than I had the day before! Panic not! This is just all the dead skin and debris detaching itself from the new skin underneath. Don't be tempted to pick at it, just let nature takes it's course. Once the shedding is complete, your fresh new skin awaits and the results of this marvelous treatment are complete. If you are considering this treatment for a special occasion, then make sure you have it 2 weeks prior to your special event. There is no down time and you can wear cosmetics straight away, but you will want all the dead skin to be long gone so that you can shine with confidence if going to a special event.


I will be booking this treatment again with Jane, with the aim of having 1 every 3 months to keep my skin in the condition that this 1st treatment has given me.


Beauty Therapy Client

I've worked with Jane on a number of projects for our company here in the UK and internationally with our partners. Jane's a consummate professional who always delivers on providing innovative, motivational and inspiring lectures and practical workshops targeted towards her audience.I cannot recommend Jane highly enough and look forward to collaborating on our next project together. 

Alison Wait

Medik 8 Education Manager

You feel the magic when you meet Jane Davies, who is a charming young lady, a highly qualified & experienced person full of knowledge, is in complete control of what she offers to clients & students here. An entrepreneur who is driven by service quality. WAY TO GO, JANE !!!!! Thank you for making me what I am today...

Ravneet Teja

Owner & Director, Kittn Salon & Spa India

5 Years ago now, I was preparing to start a make up course, something that I had loved practicing since a little girl! Than I had the idea that I really wanted to know how the skin works, ages and most importantly how is it affected by our lifestyle and everything we ladies apply on our every day life! After lots of research on finding the right school that really teaches from start to finish but also not spend years on a course as I was not 18 any more!Everything I had looked for I found in one place at the heart of London, with an international recognised qualification in beauty therapy, I took on a very extensive year course that to start with proved like climbing the Everest. On the first week, i felt like giving up as Anatomy was never my thing i found that extra difficult as this was not on my first language either, Jane Davies came to my rescue, with her amazing professional attitude, and caring heart, sat me down and literally showed me that how much this meant to me and the changes that this will bring in every aspect of my life! How could she be so right? So knowledgable and such a healer all in one! I mean she knew nothing about me and my life but made me feel as I had known her forever! Went on to finish the course and worked in the most amazing Spa’s London has to offer! Sharing what I got from her making sure I will never loose her belief! For that I owe everything i’m today to the best teacher, Jane Davies.

Arjana Dozhlani


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